Time for change

Thank you for participating in our Carstar Community Beta Test. We have received your feedback and will be implementing a simplier user-interface, new features and solutions. Carstar offers a community-based web and mobile software dedicated to the car enthusiast.

Introducing carstar...

Car Star is a community-based web and mobile software dedicated to the car enthusiast. Our Marketplace empowers the user to buy, sell or trade anything automotive within its community. Our event module provides users the ability to find and create events, as well as purchase and sell tickets.


Our Groups feature will allow Users to create groups and collaborate with other like-minded car enthusiasts. All Car Star user profiles have a story mode to share your car, it’s journey, and if you have many cars, add them to your digital garage for the world to see.

Our recent disruption has forced the world to shop digitally. However, Price gauging and unsafe connections has made shopping online dissatisfying.

It's Community

The happy place all automotive enthusiasts come to share, learn, appreciate and grow together.

It's Culture

All respected versions, ways of life, experience and values of automotive enthusiasts.

It's Business

Buy, sell, trade, events, marketing, advertising, Car shows, racing, OEM, customizing and more.



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